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Senderos Collection Home 26E-1, Axis House Tamarindo, Senderos, CR

Listing GL-BB-55
  • Beds 6
  • Baths 6.5
  • Size 7,296 sq. ft
  • Lot Size 1,753 sq. m.
  • Status Active
  • Property Type Home
  • Neighborhood Playa Tamarindo

About This Property

Senderos Product Development worked with the Inverse architectural team to create a home that lines up east to west and creates amazing privacy and view corridors. The volumes of the house are built running North-South, creating long beautiful spaces. It’s like the house is designed on an axis… hence the name “Axis House”.

“The remarkable thing about this house is the ability to draw a line with the complete arc of the sun. We took the opportunity of this peak location to orient the rooms in key places on an East-West axis. For instance, in the Master we see both the sunrise and the sunset.

Building off these east-west lines, the house extends in linear paths to the north and south creating generous, long public spaces to take in the view while entertaining or just relaxing. It will be a very unique and special experience to occupy this home.”

Richard Hammond, Inverse Architects

Visually stunning.
Home placement must consider existing trees, solar and wind orientation, as well as privacy.
Memory-point, “wowfactor”.
Seamless Transitions between Indoor and Outdoor.
Expansive entertainment areas.
Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen.
Saltwater pool.
Whole House Water Softening System.
Robust Outdoor BBQ Area.
Specific design features towards ROI.
Plenty of functional storage spaces.
(Low water use) Lushly landscaped outdoor spaces.

Property Details

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