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Monica Carvajal

Monica Carvajal
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    Monica Carvajal,
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    Monica is a dynamic entrepreneur originally from the bustling cityscape of San José. Driven by a passion for design and an innate sense of aesthetics, she ventured into interior design, honing her skills through formal education as her initial career path.

    Enthusiastic about holistic living and mindful eating, Monica pursued further studies, earning a degree in dietetics. This served as the cornerstone for her subsequent career as a health coach, empowering others to adopt healthier lifestyles.

    In 2012, Monica established Natural Bites, a pioneering enterprise dedicated to crafting wholesome nut butters and nutritious snacks. Through her unwavering dedication and visionary approach, the business flourished, ultimately being acquired and now managed by one of the nation’s premier holdings after six successful years.

    Seeking a stronger bond with nature and the sea, Monica made the move from San José to the serene shores of Guanacaste. Starting off in Nosara and later Potrero, she couldn’t help but be captivated by the area’s laid-back charm. As she puts it: “It’s like a blend of tranquility and nature vibes, sprinkled with some nice dining and a load of fun activities to dive into.

    Inspired by her affection for Guanacaste and driven by a desire to share its allure with others, Monica embarked on a new venture in Real Estate. Leveraging her background in interior design and intimate knowledge of the area, she now assists clients in uncovering their perfect slice of paradise.

    Under Monica’s guidance, prospective homeowners not only secure a place to reside but also immerse themselves in the essence of Guanacaste living. Her unique amalgamation of expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication ensures that each client’s journey is characterized by professionalism and a profound appreciation for the awe-inspiring landscapes of Costa Rica’s western coast.

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