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Flamingo Marina Project

Marina Flamingo of Playa Flamingo Costa Rica

The most exciting part of the growth in the Flamingo Beach area of Guanacaste is the resurgence and re-launch of the full-service Marina in Playa Flamingo. This state-of-the-art marina and resort village is unmatched in terms of comfort, convenience and elegance.

Included in this unique community are exclusive rental condos and a first-class hotel with all amenities. Boaters have every imaginable need attended to from top-range slips, maintenance and repair services and a host of other personalized services.

Abundant with shops, restaurants and clubs, the Marina Village is something to explore. Residents can find a sparkling rooftop pool, fitness center and plenty of retail shops for everything under the sun.

Also for residents is a standard of living that was crafted with every detail in mind. There is a full-service private medical center, the King Fisher Club, planned activities like catamaran cruises and homes designed to be as welcoming as they are luxurious.

Home to 90 boat slips (with expansion coming), including slips for luxury yachts, the Marina features docks ranging from 45 to 125 feet in length. A convention center is also proposed to hold up to 800 people.

The brand new Flamingo Marina development site is a sight to see, totaling over 150,000m2. Along with wet slips, a dry boat storage facility and fueling station, a heliport is conveniently located here.

Flamingo Location

The Flamingo Marina sits within the protected bay between the luxury and safe beach towns of Playa Flamingo and Playa Potrero. Although named “Flamingo Marina”, the marina itself is located on the western corner of Playa Potrero.

The Flamingo area is a popular and well-known travel destination, and has been home to a growing boating and fish community for 30+ years. Flamingo and Potrero have a combined 70+ boats, stationed and buoyed within the bay. With the new Flamingo Marina, and the pre-existing buoy locations, boat and yacht owners will have plenty of options for both convenience and price.

The future is strong for Flamingo and Potrero, and with the Flamingo Marina on its way, the opportunity for world-class sport fishing, yachting, and luxury vacationing is more immense than ever! The Flamingo Marina, and Playa Flamingo, and Playa Potrero are located less than 1-hour drive from the Liberia International Airport (LIB).

Now is a great time to invest in Flamingo!


The Mission of Marina Flamingo Development Group is to play a foundational role in making the Guanacaste Coast into the premier ethereal coastal community in all of the Americas. Our focus is to create a synergistic relationship between the environment, people, and the local community by encouraging sustainable practices of Eco-tourism.

For the environment: Marina Flamingo is a socially and environmentally responsible project, aware of the importance of the ocean and the rich biodiversity of the Guanacaste Province. Our focus is the promotion of local ecotourism, the encouragement of sustainable economic practices, and creating a vibrant community through proper environmental monitoring programs and social development projects.

For Safety: During this first phase, the initial actions that are being performed include pedestrian and traffic safety signaling, environmentally site preparation, estuary, and ocean water quality testing. The concession site perimeter will be secured and access restricted. Our goal is to reduce human risk and accidents, avoid traffic incidents and provide a healthy ecosystem.

For the community: Marina Flamingo will be the heartbeat of the community. This development will allow our local entrepreneurs to showcase their skills, professionalism, and the “Pura Vida” lifestyle of Costa Rica. The establishment of key alliances with the government and local organizations will ensure a dynamic community.

Community Update: As of October 8th, 2019, the project is approved with all environmental and construction permits for phase 1. This phase is critical to the project as it will cover the construction of break walls and dredging of the basin.

The construction of this first phase will require long working shifts, substantial amounts of rock & material, and the constant presence of heavy machinery. We anticipate that this first phase will take approximately two years to be completed, by that time the community of Flamingo will have a state-of-the-art fully operational marina.

Safety is our number one priority and for that, there are several precautions necessary.

First and foremost, we will need to take full control of the working site, in order to do so we will need to have the current ramp users vacate the space by November 20th, 2019. We will begin with our on-site works shortly after the site is under full control.

After all these years we are proud to tell you that this project is now a reality. Our visitors and clients will have a safe and memorable experience at the Marina Flamingo The socioeconomic impact to our community will bring new opportunities for all of our entrepreneurs.

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