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Great Location Lots in Tamarindo Beach -17 Lots available Tamarindo, CR

Listing GL-LCS-38
  • Lot Size 565 sq. m.
  • Status Active
  • Property Type Land
  • Neighborhood Playa Tamarindo

About This Property

Located near the center of Tamarindo Beach, these lots offer easy access to various amenities and activities. Tamarindo has all the characteristics of a Costa Rican beach town: surf, sand, and sun. It's an ideal place for honeymoons, weddings, couples, singles, and families, and is perfectly suited for eco-adventures. The town offers first-class sport fishing, sailing, surfing, golfing, ATV tours, turtle watching, diving, horseback riding, canopy tours, jungle boat rides, beauty spas, art galleries, gift shops, and more.

Tamarindo is a multicultural community with several bakeries, an outdoor vegetable market, and over 40 restaurants offering a range of cuisines, from vegetarian and Costa Rican to Italian and seafood. Accommodations are available for every budget, from luxurious beachfront hotels and all-inclusive resorts to hostels. The sun shines nearly 365 days a year, with pleasantly warm temperatures year-round. During the rainy season from May through October, brief afternoon showers make the beach sparkle, leading to extraordinary sunsets.

The beach stretches for three and a half kilometers of white sand and warm blue water. Tamarindo is surrounded by national parks to the north and south, and mountains with breathtaking views to the east. Nature is abundant, with leatherback turtles laying eggs in the northern part of the bay, howler monkeys visible and audible throughout Tamarindo, and giant iguanas occasionally approaching diners in some restaurants. In the late afternoons, parakeets can be heard screeching in the trees as they settle down for the night.

Available Lots:

Lot Size: 854.00m² | List Price: $299,600.00 (Future development or commercial) (SALE PENDING)
Lot Size: 817.36m² | List Price: $306,510.00 (Future development or commercial)
Lot Size: 617.00m² | List Price: $231,375.00
Lot Size: 576.00m² | List Price: $216,000.00
Lot Size: 572.00m² | List Price: $214,000.00
Lot Size: 565.00m² | List Price: $211,875.00
Lot Size: 684.90m² | List Price: $256,838.00
Lot Size: 678.61m² | List Price: $254,478.00
Lot Size: 694.56m² | List Price: $260,460.00 (Future development or commercial)
Lot Size: 683.18m² | List Price: $256,195.00
Lot Size: 872.44m² | List Price: $327,165.00
Lot Size: 690.00m² | List Price: $362,250.00
Lot Size: 514.00m² | List Price: $269,850.00 (SALE PENDING)
Lot Size: 489.00m² | List Price: $256,725.00
Eagle’s Nest Lot Size: 12,887.35m² | List Price: $9,200,000
Nacar / Future Development Lot Size: 15,000.78m² | List Price: $7,800,000
101-B, Future Development Lot Size: 7,741.00m² | List Price: $3,484,296

Property Details

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