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Pinilla Hills Development Avellanas, CR

Listing GL-GM-16
  • Lot Size 175.2 hectares
  • Status Active
  • Property Type Development, Land
  • Neighborhood Playa Avellanas

About This Property

Playa Avellanas is a captivating destination located along the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, boasting pristine beaches and a vibrant atmosphere. Conveniently situated just 60 minutes away from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste, the location offers easy accessibility for travelers seeking a tropical paradise. For those who appreciate a blend of development and lifestyle amenities, Playa Avellanas is strategically positioned just 25 minutes from bustling towns like Tamarindo and Langosta. These urban hubs serve as central points for supermarkets, restaurants, shops, vibrant nightlife, and comprehensive healthcare options, ensuring that residents and visitors alike have access to a wide array of conveniences.

Moreover, Playa Avellanas stands a mere half-mile from its namesake beach, renowned globally as one of the best surf spots in the world. This coastal haven is a paradise for surf enthusiasts, surrounded by famous spots such as Little Hawaii and cherished local destinations like Lola’s and La Purruja. The area also enjoys the scenic backdrop of Pochote Hills, adding a touch of natural beauty to the coastal landscape. Whether seeking thrilling surf adventures or a tranquil escape, Playa Avellanas offers a diverse range of experiences for those seeking the best of Costa Rica’s Northern Pacific coast.

This expansive property spans a total of 175.2 hectares, equivalent to 1,751,797 square meters, and boasts an impressive 1.4 kilometers of frontage along the main road. Covering an area of 434 acres or 18,856,186 square feet, this titled land is not only free and clear but also comes with a valuable water letter, ensuring essential resources for any prospective development. Notably, there is no regulatory plan in place, presenting a unique opportunity for a high-quality and mid-term development concept in the coveted Playa Avellanas area. The last remaining lot of this scale in the region, this property is offered with a total asking price of USD $18,000,000.

Immersing oneself in the lifestyle offered by this prime real estate is a delightful prospect. Whether enjoying a morning walk on the diverse trails within the complex, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, indulging in seasonal fruits, or witnessing the breathtaking sunset at Playa Avellanas, these experiences are made effortlessly accessible. Positioned in the renowned “Blue Zone” of Nicoya’s influence area, this locale is known for contributing to the overall well-being of its inhabitants. It is in such areas that the people of Guanacaste experience a lower incidence of chronic diseases and, as a result, lead longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

The region’s warm and sunny weather, coupled with direct contact with nature, plays a crucial role in stress reduction. Additionally, active engagement in family and social life contributes to making this region one of the worldwide Blue Zones. Those seeking a lifestyle in harmony with nature are encouraged to come and experience the unique and enriching way of life that this region offers.

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