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Valle Azul Flamingo, CR

Listing GL-TM-12
  • Beds 5
  • Baths 4
  • Size 1,840 sq. ft
  • Status Active
  • Property Type Home
  • Neighborhood Playa Flamingo

About This Property

Boutique Waterfront Residences

Situated on the idyllic Nicoya Peninsula, renowned as one of the world’s five blue zones, Playa Flamingo is a vibrant international community located amongst one of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking white sand beaches. With its crystal-clear blue waters, secluded lagoons, verdant vegetation, and an abundance of invigorating outdoor activities, Playa Flamingo is a thriving epicenter of natural living and a haven for those seeking an active and harmonious lifestyle.

Gracefully perched above the majestic Pacific Ocean, with a flawless westward-facing vista, Valle Azul presents an unparalleled panorama that stands among the most spectacular views in all of Costa Rica. These boutique residences have been thoughtfully designed to revolve around this breathtaking scene, seamlessly infusing the tranquility and splendor of the ocean into every aspect of residents’ lives. The architectural design culminates in a striking abode that not only exhilarates the senses but also achieves a perfect harmony with its awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

At Valle Azul, the essence of nature intertwines harmoniously with the design of these boutique residences. Carefully chosen elements, such as the inviting warmth of acacia wood, the robust elegance of stone, and the enduring strength of metal, engage in a captivating dialogue with the surrounding environment. Generous heights and strategically placed windows welcome abundant natural light, while thoughtfully crafted areas of cooling shade enhance the residents’ comfort within the serene and picturesque setting.

Immerse yourself in the radiant beauty of Costa Rica’s ocean and sky as Valle Azul’s boutique waterfront residences seamlessly integrate these breathtaking elements into every facet of your home and life.

Indulge in a luxuriously rich sensory experience, as each home envelops you in the alluring scents, melodic sounds, captivating sights, and delightful feelings of the tropics.

The Valle Azul residences boast a stunning display of lush vegetation and ever-changing seasonal blooms, creating an uplifting and rejuvenating ambiance year-round.

Located within luxurious privacy, the residences at Valle Azul offer residents a sense of being gracefully secluded from the world, providing an exclusive haven of tranquility.

Thoughtfully crafted design and carefully selected materials create a blissfully low-key environment, where residents can unwind and rejuvenate in perfect harmony.

The residences at Valle Azul range from 1,840 square feet to 4,788 square feet, offering 3 to 5 bedrooms, 3 to 4 ensuite bathrooms, and a guest bathroom. Each home features a private master bedroom terrace, an available plunge pool upgrade, an ocean-view terrace, and a European-design kitchen. The community offers a club pool, a 2-car garage, a dining room, 2 interior sungardens, a living room, a lounge theater, a laundry room, and a locked storage room, with walking access to the Valle Azul Club.

Price Point
From $1.75M to $4M+

Contact us today to schedule a private viewing and seize the opportunity to own in this exquisite beachside community.

Property Details

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