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Top 10 Reasons People Choose To Call Costa Rica Their Home

Why do people love to call Costa Rica home? As a country that is focused on environmental preservation and sustainability, Costa Rica offers residents and citizens a superior quality of life. Leaving behind a fast-paced, often chaotic life typical of North America, those relocating to Costa Rica reap numerous benefits that are part of the Pura Vida lifestyle.

For families, retirees, and digital nomads, Costa Rica has become extremely popular as a vacation or permanent home. Here’s 10 top reasons why:

1. Weather  – With consistently mild temperatures all year long, Costa Rica has only two seasons – the green (rainy) season and the dry season.In Costa Rica’s lowlands and beaches, you’ll enjoy warm weather the entire year. And, if you are a fan of sunny days, this is where you’ll enjoy it most. The abundance of sunny days benefits locally grown organic fruits and vegetables as well. Costa Rica is a collection of microclimates, with each region experiencing different rainfall patterns. Locals welcome the rain, and it brings cooler, more refreshing temperatures. It allows crops to grow, helps the air to remain clean, and ensures that there is plenty of fresh water to drink.

2. Quality of Air  – Most people may not consider air quality a factor in choosing where they live. However, the air quality in Costa Rica is excellent and offers healthful benefits. In more rural settings, Costa Rica’s air quality is among the best in the world. Good air quality is vital for human health and the environment. Clean air reduces the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, improving overall well-being. It also enhances cognitive function and productivity. Additionally, preserving air quality is crucial for ecosystem balance, and protecting wildlife and plant life. Sustainable efforts toward clean air benefit current and future generations.

3. Quality of Water  – Throughout North America and part of Europe, people depend on bottled water every day. Those plastic bottles end up in landfills and our oceans. The good news is that such products are rarely needed in Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s spring-fed public water system delivers a superior quality of potable water in virtually every community. Here, you don’t need more than a tap to enjoy clean, great-tasting water every day. Cheap, environmentally friendly, and available all the time!

4. Healthy Food  – Produce is always better at the source than after it travels to anywhere else in the world. In Costa Rica, you can enjoy endless varieties of locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables, or even grow your own. Costa Rica’s farmer’s markets (often called ferias) will amaze you with a wide selection of healthful, delicious options. They include pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, guava, melons, passion fruit, starfruit, jackfruit, mamon chino, cas and others. Great as a snack or in a smoothie, these fresh quantities will supercharge you with essential vitamins.

5. Nature  – Not only has Costa Rica been blessed with astounding natural beauty, the country actually makes an active effort to protect what they know is their strength. Protecting the flora and fauna within national parks is one such initiative the Costa Rican government is fully committed to. Costa Rica is also home to thousands of bird species, animals such as tapirs, big cats, and monkeys. The natural landscape hosts tropical flora, and Costa Rica’s many climates are made up of sandy beaches, lush rainforests, highlands, and mountains. This natural setting is the inspiration of photographers, artists, and even musicians. For those who are drawn to nature, Costa Rica makes the ideal home.

6. Everything You Need is Here  – If you’re accustomed to conveniences, you may not think of Central America as a region that offers the luxuries you enjoy. However, Costa Rica has almost everything you need to enjoy a comfortable life. In larger cities, such as San Jose or Alajuela, you’ll find popular North American brands and chains. Everything from household furnishings to fast food and shopping malls can be found. And, in more outlier settings, local brands and franchises provide comparable goods and services. In Costa Rica, you can truly have the best of all worlds! Combined with a world-class public health care system (available for all taxpayers and people in the national security system), reliable infrastructure, and a strong educational standard you’ll understand why Costa Rica is so popular with the expat community.

7. Easy-Going People  – “Ticos” (the term native Costa Ricans call themselves) are generally friendly, outgoing, and rather humorous. They are typically easy to deal with and have a relaxed demeanor that lends to new friendships. Even with language barriers, Ticos will find ways to communicate and seek to understand visitors and expats alike. They are protective and supportive of their local communities, have great civic pride, and are one of the best things about living in Costa Rica. It won’t be long before you have Tico friends and enjoy a more immersed life in your new paradise.

8. The Tourism Industry  – Costa Rica’s chief industry is tourism. And, while many people wouldn’t find tourism an attractive feature, in Costa Rica, it makes excellent sense. Particularly true of Costa Rica’s Pacific beaches, tourism brings with it many advantages for Ticos and expats. In areas that attract a lot of tourists, you can expect better amenities, more activities, and — in some cases — better roads and internet quality. Depending on the season, the flow of tourists into Costa Rica also means more festivals, street fairs, live music events, and adventure tours. You may also encounter local artists who use tourist season to sell unique pieces, all with a distinctive Costa Rican flair.For Costa Rica, its citizens, and the expat community, tourism equals a great standard of living.

9. Smaller is Better  – Costa Rica is roughly the same size as West Virginia — making it one of the smaller countries in the Americas. And, since many townships and cantons are somewhat compartmental, each new town can feel like a different country. The smaller footprint also makes Costa Rica convenient. The centrally-located capital city of San Jose is accessible from the Pacific side, the Northern Territory, and the Caribbean coast and points south to Panama. Smaller towns also make it easier for expats to establish friendships. Combined with the Tico warmth and openness, many expats find themselves immersed in their communities quickly.

10. Sports  – Are you ready for some football? Ticos love their soccer and have one of the world’s best national teams. Most communities feature local sports bars where you can join in the fun of cheering on the Costa Rica teams with loud, enthusiastic fans. If you are a sports enthusiast, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Mountain biking, equestrian sports, golf and a host of water activities are all available throughout the country. Sport fishing, being quite popular on the Pacific coast, can be enjoyed year-round with cherished prizes like yellowfin tuna. For active adults and children, Costa Rica is the place to be to enjoy national and local teams and to get in the game yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are many things that attract newcomers to Costa Rica. The balance of natural beauty, conveniences, and a sense of community are what keep them here. Establishing yourself just takes a little effort. But, soon, you’ll find yourself agreeing with us — that Costa Rica is the perfect place to call home.

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