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Community Service

Beach Cleanups

Keeping Costa Rica’s Pacific coast beautiful and safe for people and wildlife alike takes engagement. We do our part by helping cleanup efforts on our local beaches.

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Wheelchair Donations

We respect and honor the members of our community who live with disabilities. In that spirit, we donate vital accessibility items to those in need.

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Tree Planting

Part of our commitment to Costa Rica is caring for nature. Tree planting gives us the opportunity to work with our community to make Costa Rica more beautiful.

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Painting Police Station

We know how hard Costa Rica’s Fuerza Publica works. So, to show our appreciation, we gave the local Policia Delegacion a fresh coat of paint.

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Juntos Por Guanacaste

We believe that it is important to help each other and support our neighbors. We have donated food to those in need and helped on several occasions to pack and deliver food and supplies to local families. Join Flamingo Beach Realty i...

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Nicaragua, our neighbor to the north, sees many families and individuals living in poverty. We lend a hand by volunteering, donating and bringing much-needed assistance.

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Feeding Program

We regularly join forces with other communities to make sure families in need have fresh, wholesome food for their households, children and elderly family members.

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Christmas Donations

No one should be without during the holiday season. We serve families in need by donating essentials, toys and other items to ensure their Christmases are bright. We hope you’ll join the Flamingo Beach Realty family in making community inv...

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Brasilito Girls Club (CEPIA)

Flamingo Beach Realty sponsors the weekly Successful Girls Club in Brasilito. This charity helps educate and give young girls social support to set and reach their goals in life. The girls are learning about emotions, conflict management and as...

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