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La Esquina de Avellanas Avellanas, CR

Listing GL-SPB-84
  • Baths 3
  • Lot Size 2,000 sq. m.
  • Status Active
  • Property Type Commercial
  • Neighborhood Playa Avellanas

About This Property

Welcome to La Esquina! Meaning "The Corner" in Spanish, Plaza La Esquina is a vibrant and culturally rich commercial hub situated in the renowned surf town of Playa Avellanas. Just 500 meters from the beach, this property embodies a blend of style, design, and environmental stewardship.

La Esquina is more than a real estate investment; it's a chance to own a piece of the first commercial development in the area. Its strategic location, with two street fronts, ensures high visibility and captures the attention of every visitor to Avellanas, making it an ideal spot for businesses.

What sets La Esquina apart is its harmonious integration with the natural surroundings. The development has preserved all the trees on the property, which not only enhances the natural beauty but also serves as key focal points. This commitment to environmental preservation underscores the property's unique appeal.

Currently, La Esquina is a diverse and dynamic commercial space, home to four trendy restaurants, a central bar that exudes a laid-back Costa Rican vibe, a fashionable swimsuit store, an apothecary, a second-hand clothing store, and a mini-market. Additionally, a covered yoga and dance studio on the second floor adds to the variety of offerings. These established tenants generate multiple revenue streams and present opportunities for further expansion.

As you enter La Esquina, you're greeted by a hand-carved, covered palapa, setting the welcoming tone of the property. At its center, an old, majestic Matapalo tree adorned with hanging lights creates a magical ambiance. The property also boasts the only amphitheater in the area, which hosts community shows, plays, and concerts. Families will appreciate the playground, complete with swings, climbing ropes, and ladders, enhancing the family-friendly atmosphere.

La Esquina is not just a commercial space; it's a community hub that brings together locals, international residents, and travelers. Daily yoga and dance classes foster a healthy and inclusive lifestyle, while the weekly Friday Night Market is a highlight, featuring local artisans, family movies, and live music.

Investing in La Esquina means aligning with the growth of Avellanas, one of the region's fastest-growing communities. Nearby high-end housing developments provide an additional client base, making this property a prime investment for those seeking both financial returns and community engagement. Don't miss the opportunity to own and expand upon this unique and thriving commercial plaza in the heart of Playa Avellanas. The possibilities are endless, and the future is bright at La Esquina!

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