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Top 7 Tips for Moving to Costa Rica with Your Kids

Moving your family to Costa Rica can be a rewarding experience for all involved. But, it’s essential to be prepared with as much information as possible before you make your move. 

Costa Rica is an exceptional place for families relocating with kids due to its incredible blend of nature, culture, and safety. This family-friendly paradise gives younger minds plenty to learn and enjoy. The welcoming nature and high educational standards of Costa Rica can give your children a strong foundation on which to grow and develop.

Here are seven tips to help you make your family’s move to Costa Rica as smooth as possible:

Do Your Research

Before you make any big decisions, take some time to research Costa Rica and learn as much as you can about the country, its many regions and what to expect. This includes things like Costa Rica’s cost of living, regional climates, the educational system, and the healthcare system.

Find the Ideal Place to Live

Once you’ve decided to move to Costa Rica, it’s important to find the right type of community for your family. Consider locations with good schools, a strong sense of community, other families in your age bracket and team activities. Your children will make friends faster and enjoy the pace of Costa Rica more when they can establish themselves with confidence. 

Learn Your Spanish

Even though many people in Costa Rica’s beach and Central Valley areas speak English, it’s still a good idea for you and your kids to learn some Spanish before you move. This will make it easier for you to communicate with locals and establish new friendships. The same goes for your kids. And, since children typically learn a second language more easily than adults, you might find yourself taking a bit of instruction from your young ones.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Before you can move to Costa Rica — or establish residency — you’ll need to get a few things in order. To establish residency for you and your family, you’ll need to bring police reports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and, naturally, your passports. Securing legal assistance to help with residency is also essential as the process can change from time to time. For your kids, school records and vaccine records will also be required.

Prepare Your Kids for the Move

Moving from a familiar place can oftentimes be challenging for young people. It makes sense to prepare your kids for life in Costa Rica by visiting with them first. Find the areas and regions that are most attractive to you and bring your children. Understand that your children may feel somewhat apprehensive about language and cultural barriers. But, with the proper guidance, they will be making friends with Tico kids and forging their own way. You can also talk with other families who’ve made the move in order to gain insights.

Once you’ve made the move, you may be surprised how quickly your children adapt to the changes. And, keep in mind, Costa Rica offers benefits to kids that can impact their lives in very positive ways:

  • Natural wonders, biodiversity, exotic wildlife and plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Education and a strong tradition of learning and community
  • Soccer, team sports, mountain biking and other popular group activities
  • Safety and hospitality throughout the country (Costa Rica ranks as one of the safest countries in Latin America)

Once you and your family have done all of your planning, it’s time to make the move to Costa Rica. Be sure to take things slow and give yourself and your family plenty of time to adjust to your new life.

Here, your kids can embrace nature, learn new cultures and enjoy a safe, nurturing environment. 

If you need additional information about relocation to Costa Rica, be sure to get in touch with us here.

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